What Are MiFi and Mobile WiFi?

MiFi and mobile WiFi are terms that can be used interchangeably as they essentially refer to the same product type, but different mobile broadband networks name their “WiFi” products slightly differently. For example, 3 refer to their devices as MiFi whereas Vodafone refer to their devices as WiFi. Currently only 3 and Vodafone offer these types of mobile broadband products, but they have proved to be extremely popular and extra networks have announced plans to introduce their own range of mobile broadband MiFi and WiFi plans.

MiFi and WiFi mobile broadband devices are basically pocket sized modems that connect to a providers 3G network that you can use to allow multiple wireless devices such as a laptop, iPod Touch, Xbox, etc to connect and share your mobile broadband connection at the same time (up to 5 at a time). This is in contrast to a standard mobile broadband dongle which will only provide web access to a single computer.

A mobile broadband WiFi modem works by connecting to your mobile broadband providers 3G network and creating a WiFi hotspot that has a radius of around 10 metres. Any devices within that radius will be able to connect to the broadband connection (providing that the owner of the device has the broadband password credentials).

Setting up a MiFi or WiFi modem for first use is simple process and it is possible to purchase the WiFi/MiFi modem as a standalone pay as you go product or you could choose from a range of monthly contract deals with varying download allowances. Many of the MiFi and WiFi contract deals provide the MiFi or WiFi modem free of charge as part of the contract deal.

MiFi and WiFi modems give you the option of being able to share broadband throughout your house or office to a variety of devices which not only gives you great flexibility, but also offers cost savings by allowing multiple users the chance to surf the web if required on a single broadband connection.