Mobile Broadband Negatives

There are a small number of reasons why you might consider that mobile broadband isn’t the right option for you. See below for our list of mobile broadband disadvantages –

Lack of Providers

Amongst the providers of mobile broadband there are a wide range of mobile broadband packages at varying price points but there are still relatively few providers to choose from especially when compared with the higher numbers of traditional wired home broadband providers.

Download Limits

The download limits offered on mobile broadband deals are as a whole less generous as they are on home broadband packages although they do score favourably when compared with Internet access packages on mobile phones. Smartphone’s are using the same 3G network that mobile broadband uses so if you want a mobile broadband deal you would get much better value taking out a mobile broadband deal than an Internet package on a mobile phone.

Download Speeds

The speed with which you can download files is slower on 3G networks than on traditional wired or cable broadband. This is due to current network limitations which mean that 7.2Mb is largely the very best download speed you could expect. Although Vodafone have begun trialling download speeds of 14.4Mb in major cities so watch this space!

Mobile Broadband Coverage

A limitation to mobile broadband is a possible lack of network coverage. Effectively you are relying on the mobile network of a carrier to provide a strong enough 3G signal for you to connect to. If you are unable to get a 3G signal, you won’t be able to connect to the Internet. All of the major mobile broadband networks provide online coverage checkers which will allow you to input a place name or postcode to check the signal strength so it is advisable that you try their online coverage checker tools before you buy. In terms of UK coverage the lowest claimed network coverage in the UK is 80% nationwide, with the highest being at 98%. Coverage tends to be higher within higher populated areas although rural communities should still be able to receive a good 3G signal. Ofcom have an interactive map which shows the locations of all phone masts nationwide which you may wish to use to find the closest mast to you and which network it belongs to.