3 Mobile Broadband

3 (Three) are one of the largest providers of mobile broadband in the UK and offer a large range of packages ranging from pay monthly mobile broadband, pay as you go broadband, mobile broadband with free gifts such as laptops, iPod and free Spotify Premium and also their innovative range of MiFi mobile broadband solutions.

The 3G network operated by 3 is considered to be the largest in the UK so you will stand a great chance of getting an excellent signal via the use of 3 mobile broadband.

3 (Three) offer a wide range of competitively priced mobile broadband options for consumers starting at just £7.50 per month which includes a free USB modem dongle as standard as well as free laptop deals bundled with mobile broadband contracts such as the special offer which will give you a Samsung N150 laptop with free USB dongle on a 24 month contract for just £30 per month.

We have listed the full range of mobile broadband deals offered by 3 in a handy table below which can be sorted by price, contract duration, broadband speed or usage allowance. 3 often have special offers such as voucher codes which will take money off your monthly broadband bill so careful check our comparison table below because we often feature special 3 voucher codes!

3 Contract Mobile Broadband Deals

Network Operator Hardware Contract Duration Speed (up to) Usage Limit Details Monthly Cost More Info
Three 3 Dongle 24 months up to 21Mb 15GB THREE MOBILE BROADBAND 15GB
Free USB modem dongle with HSPA+ superfast speeds.
More info
£15.99 see deal
Three 3 Dongle 30 days up to 21Mb 1GB THREE MOBILE BROADBAND 1GB
Free USB mobile broadband modem dongle.
More info
£7.87 see deal
Three 3 MiFi 24 months up to 21Mb 15GB THREE MIFI MOBILE BROADBAND 15GB
Free MiFi device that can connect 5 devices wirelessly
More info
£18.99 see deal
Three 3 MiFi 30 days up to 21Mb 5GB THREE MIFI MOBILE BROADBAND 5GB
MiFi device that can connect 5 devices wirelessly cost £49.99
More info
£19.99 see deal