Orange Unlimited Mobile Broadband Review

Orange are one of only two companies (the other being T-Mobile) that offer an unlimited mobile broadband contract. Although the deal is marketed by Orange as unlimited it is subject to a fair use policy which dictates that a user can use a maximum of 20GB data transfer per month. If more than 20GB is used in a month, Orange will charge an excess of 2p per extra MB used in that month.

Even when a fair use policy is applied, the Orange unlimited mobile broadband deal is the leading mobile broadband contract in the UK when it comes to the amount of data transfer permitted. Realistically a 20GB monthly limit should easily accommodate even the most data hungry user so it is unlikely that excess data charges would apply on this tariff.

Orange offer their unlimited mobile broadband package on an 18 month contract only and offer a free USB modem for £35 per month.

Pricewise £35 per month is at the top end of the pricing scale for mobile broadband, but that said, the usage allowance is the most generous on the market so given the unlimited tag and the flexibility of being able to use mobile broadband on the go, this is an unlimited mobile broadband deal that we can recommend.

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