T-Mobile Unlimited Mobile Broadband Review

T-Mobile offer the lowest priced unlimited mobile broadband contract on the market starting at just £10 per month for the first 3 months and then reverting to £15 per month for the remainder of the 18 month contract.

As with all mobile broadband contracts that are marketed as “unlimited”, it is important to delve into the relevant terms and conditions and check for any associated fair use policies that may curb usage (regardless of the unlimited tag). In the case of T-Mobile, they have a fair use policy on their unlimited package that will allow a maximum of 2GB of data transfer per month. However, if you do exceed that 2GB per month, T-Mobile state that they will not charge you if you go over your allotted 2GB per month but they may restrict use.

By choosing not to charge users that exceed their monthly 2GB allowance T-Mobile have taken away the possibility of excess charges that can mount up which makes the T-Mobile contract a very appealing consumer offering. T-Mobile also provides a free USB dongle as part of the contract which can also house a data card with up to 8GB of storage.

If you need to use mobile broadband regularly whilst out and about or on business trips, the T-Mobile unlimited mobile broadband deal is an excellent proposition based on the low monthly price (and special introductory price of £10 per month for three months), the fact that you won’t have any nasty surprises at the end of the month via the form of excess data charges and also the fact that T-Mobile was voted best consumer mobile broadband in 2009.

Read more about the about the unlimited mobile broadband deal at the T-Mobile website.