MiFi Mobile Broadband Deals

MiFi is a mobile broadband solution offered solely under licence by the 3 network. The MiFi dongle allows you to create a wireless network that will allow you to connect up to 5 different wireless devices.

Essentially the MiFi device creates a WiFi hotspot wherever you are so that if you are in the home and want to connect multiple computers, iPad, iPod Touch, etc you are able to do so. Similarly if you are away on business with colleagues, MiFi will allow you and your colleagues to safely connect to the Internet using your MiFi dongle.

MiFi can be taken out over a range of packages, from 1 month rolling contracts, to 18 and 24 month contracts, or alternatively you can get MiFi on a pay as you go package where you but the MiFi dongle outright and pay for data transfer when you need it.

3 often offer MiFi with special deals included such as free Spotify Premium and as part of bundled deals such as with an iPod Touch so check our comparison table below for all the latest Mifi deals.

MiFi Mobile Broadband Deals

Network Operator Hardware Contract Duration Speed (up to) Usage Limit Details Monthly Cost More Info
Three 3 MiFi 24 months up to 21Mb 15GB THREE MIFI MOBILE BROADBAND 15GB
Free MiFi device that can connect 5 devices wirelessly
More info
£18.99 see deal
Three 3 MiFi 30 days up to 21Mb 5GB THREE MIFI MOBILE BROADBAND 5GB
MiFi device that can connect 5 devices wirelessly cost £49.99
More info
£19.99 see deal