Free Laptops Guide

Free laptop deals with mobile broadband represent are an extremely popular way for users to get online with a minimum of cost. If you don’t currently own a laptop, there are a wide variety of mobile broadband contracts that when taken out will give you an entirely free laptop from a wide selection of top brands such as Samsung, HP, Acer, Asus, Compaq and Dell that can be used in conjunction with your mobile broadband contract.

Are the laptops really free?

In order to qualify for a free laptop you would need to sign up for a mobile broadband contract (usually 18 – 24 months) which would provide you with a dongle, WiFi or MiFi device to use to connect to the Internet as well as your free laptop. If you are prepared to take out a mobile broadband contract over 18 or 24 months then it is certainly worth searching the various free laptop deals. All of the major mobile broadband providers offer free laptop deals with mobile broadband so check our comparison table for the best free laptop deal available.

Which laptop should I choose?

There are a number of different free laptop models to choose from so it is important that you work out exactly what you would want to use the laptop for and list the priorities that you would like to see in the laptop.

Considerations that you should take into account should be –

  • – Which manufacturer do I favour?


    – What type of laptop do I want?

    Laptop or netbook

    – What screen size do I require?

    Small 10 inch portability or large 17inch widescreen

    – What operating system do I want?

    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7

    – What hardware specification do I need?

    Hard drive size (GB)
    Memory (RAM)
    Processor speed (CPU)
    Graphics card
    USB ports

How much data allowance do I need as part of my mobile broadband deal?

It is just as important to consider the actual specifics of the mobile broadband contract itself as it is the laptop specification because you will be using the mobile broadband for anywhere up to 24 months potentially. If the data allowance is insufficient, you could be liable to pay penalty fees for going over your permitted data allowance which could add to the cost of your deal. Therefore, carefully consider how frequently you will be using your mobile broadband package and select accordingly.

Who are the free laptop deals suitable for?

Free laptops with mobile broadband are ideal for people who do not currently have a laptop and want to access the Internet on the move. Free laptop deals are also excellent for people that do not have the initial funds for the outlay of a brand new laptop. If you do not have £400 to pay outright for a new laptop, you could take out a mobile broadband contract that includes a free laptop and pay for your monthly broadband over time which will spread the cost. Free laptop offers are excellent propositions for students that may not have large sums of money to pay outright for a new laptop and for business managers that need their mobile workforce to be able to work while out and about.

Where’s the catch?

Simply put, there isn’t one. Free laptop deals that incorporate mobile broadband allow you to get a brand new laptop from the manufacturer of your choice, on the mobile broadband network of your choice at a price you can afford. See the latest free laptop deals available on the market today.